About Us


Federation of All Civil Engineer Associations of Tamilnadu & Puducherry

FACEAT&P is an organisation, which was formed in the year 2006 by Salem& Erode district associations for the welfare of civil engineering fraternity in TamilNadu and puducherry. Now the federation has grown with its 82 ASSOCIATIONS with 12 REGIONS in its fold.

FACEAT&P has already brought enough changes in the life style and business activities of its members
FACEAT&P has tasted success on many issues which has represented to the government
An Insurance scheme formed for the welfare of members in the name of FACEAT&P INSURANCE SCHEME. Through the Scheme we are giving monitory help to the family of demised Engineers
Up to Rs 10 lakh insurance for life & up to Rs. 1 Lakh as Accidental mediclaim has been provided for members enrolled under "FACEAT&P MEMBERS INSURANCE SCHEME"
FACEAT&P has entered MOU with More than 45 Colleges/Universities
Every Year State level Badminton tournament and Cricket Tournament will be conducted to grow up the unity and Communication among Association.
FACEAT&P is the first such that federation for All Civil Engineers Association having a member strength of 6000+

01. Bulletin Committee

02. Insurance Committee

03. DTCP Committee

04. Fund Raising Committee

05. Abroad Tour Committee

06. Sports Activity committee

07. Technical Committee

08.Helth Committee

09.Family Interation committee

10.SIndustrial Visit Committee

11.Student Chapter Committee

12.Association Extention committee

13.Green Revolution committee

14.Membership Development Committee

15.Water Resorce Manaement Committee

FACEAT&P organising A State level Conference “FACECON” at different districts Every Year.

FACEAT&P conducting Technical Seminars for updating industry Knowledge and also providing Leadership training programmes to promote the members skills.


Strengthening the federation by uniting new Associations
Uplifting the Ethical values of the Civil Engineers
Free Insurance Scheme for the welfare of Civil Engineers
Professional Protection Scheme
Recognition for Civil Engineers
To built-up Leadership quality & Personality development in Engineers, Leadership & Personality Development Programmes viz., Innovation will be conducted.
For gaining & Updating the Knowledge, Technical Seminars will be held
Concern for Global warming – Nearly 1Crore Tress are to be Planted.
To bring awareness about our Federation, Service project are rendered to the needy.
To rejuvenate the Engineers & to ascertain about world class constructions, Aboard Tours, will be organized @ low fare
Narrowing of our view, Narrowing the scope of our action.